Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

Compact Filtration System (Built-in Skimmer)

Innovative solution for small areas to save spaces and costs by installing a compact unit includes all filtration equipment such pump, filter, skimmer, inlet, even under water light with a full control panel to make it easy to control.

Skimmer Filtration System

Depending on our experience we designed a system witch suits to all swimming pool sizes giving a high filtration rate depending on swimming pool pump room that could include all kind of swimming pool pumps, filters, heaters, water chillers, chemical dosing systems and disinfection systems.

Overflow Filtration System

With a unique design you can make your swimming pool a piece of beauty in your house. Overflow filtration system depends on balance tank that makes water always in the top level of the swimming pool, giving a nice view that can be infinity swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Finishing

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Hydro Master Pools is a main supplier of swimming pool mosaic tiles in Qatar. We give our customers the best options of mosaic finishing and we also retailers for swimming pool contractors in Qatar.

Our mosaic tiles have the best quality rate in Europe witch allowed us to make top luxury swimming pools in Qatar.


With a high quality PVC (4 mm thickness) we have chosen the best quality of swimming pool liner finishing in Europe to provide our customers with many colors and options of liner.


As we believe that Qatari people deserves creative solutions for finishing with low prices, we supply and apply a water proof painting in several colors that satisfies our customers in Qatar.

Swimming Pool Construction


Along our projects we decided to give heavy duty constructions witch suitable to all kinds of building (Outdoor swimming pool, Indoor swimming pool, Roof swimming pool, Basement swimming pool, Etc...) With SRC concrete for GCC standards we build our swimming pool projects for long time durability.

Reinforced Blocks

For more flexibility with our clients we decided to follow international codes of swimming pool construction.

Swimming pools construction has to be strong, durable and unique, that allowed us to use new techniques of global constructions.

Reinforced block is a French coded construction of swimming pools and it’s usable in all of Europe and U.S.A to give the top quality with a saving costs strategy.